Story Tools


We would love to help you create something extraordinary using Story Tools.

Like you, we think children deserve the best.

If you are from a school, book a demo with our friendly team here.

If you are from a public library, email our libraries partner James Bennett here.

What can we show you in a demonstration?

  • How to use our flexible lesson plans and integrate our resources into what you’re already doing.

  • A wide range of engaging resources that are Australian Curriculum-aligned, targeting both those all-important Literacy strands as well as those crucial Critical and Creative Thinking skills.

  • Exciting possibilities for utilising this resource in libraries.

  • How you can access world-class authors and illustrators that you won’t find in any other program… (You’ll be blown away by just how many amazing creators you’ll be working with!)

  • The exceptionally high quality and relatability of our videos and resources. 

Keen to learn more? Have any further questions about Story Tools?

Request a demonstration with our team of educator experts and let’s banish the boring for primary aged children. We want to help them find their own creative spark!